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THG Securities Advisors, LLC ("THGSA") is an investment manager based in Pasadena, CA. 


THGSA is the investment manager of THG Securities Fund, L.P. ("The Fund"), an investment partnership that purchases public securities of all types such as common stocks, bonds, convertible securities, preferred shares and derivatives. We focus on North America, Canada and Western Europe.

THGSA employs three core strategies in the Fund:

  • Where we are collaboratively active, and may take a Board seat

  • Where we are opportunistic, where a catalyst exists

  • Where we capture meaningful current yield

Firm Overview

  • Seasoned team with broad experience seeks investment opportunity in underfollowed securities in all market environments

  • Collegial, inclusive culture: collaborative approach to sourcing, research, and diligence

  • Focus on proprietary due diligence using world-class networks of investors and C-level executives

  • Single-minded focus on long-term multiple compounding of capital, capturing meaningful yield where possible

  • A culture of teamwork and community service

Investment Strategy

  • We believe detailed fundamental financial analysis is the only way to confidently value securities and limits position-level risk

  • The team’s extensive experience enables a broad range of engagement from board-level to passive/tactical


Portfolio Construction & Risk Management

  • Unanimous investment decision-making demands detailed diligence, rigorous analysis, and high conviction

  • Consistent, disciplined investment process minimizes mistakes

  • Concentrated, long-biased strategy: 15-25 positions, weighted approximately equally for expected portfolio impact

  • Risk management emphasis: avoid permanent capital loss; use simple liquid hedges where appropriate

Mark Holdsworth & Zachary Levenick

Co-Founders and Managing Partners


Mr. Holdsworth and Mr. Levenick have combined 50 years of experience investing in companies of all types. They have developed a deep understanding of what factors lead to success and failure in these companies, as well as intimate knowledge of many industries. 

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